Your sex was like an open book
Tried to read between the lines
Screaming like you should
Breaking into a sweat
Lost in the sun.

Screaming like the wolves next door
Shot in the heart with a fountain pen
A little Nitro in my coffee
With a Bloody Mary on the side
And the fire in the Den.

French kissing in the neon light,
The back porch sporting a lover's lane.
Crying in the orange rain
With a hint of purple leaves
And a cherry fruit shandy.

Breaking into the boxing car
With my little spoon,
I have grown the tree
That the life bears
In an upside down world.

On the outside, blue
Tinged with a grungy flavour
Lost is the heavens
The Hell behind
Shouting the usual

I found the lost one
In a shoe box in the garage
With a shotgun and a flower
Totally lost
Can't find the door.

Tables and cheers
Like the life you once had
Making fun of the trash
In the alley
In the middle of the night.

It's a game they say.
The dribbles of life
Wet and soggy with no where to go.
Find the lost one
It's not the substance.

But the content of the
But you know that's life
In a shoe box full of dreams
The head spins and bounces
The explosions hurt.

And the lost one looks on
A smile crinkles his leather face
A finger points,
Eyes glow,
And all is still.....


©Copyright Richard Reece 1997-2011