Soft Earth

Spirical flowers lay to
greet dusk in wait;

fallen to abound
in beauty, collectively glorious
simplicity in departure

Soft perfume, as dewy shot-glass scent
Nestles in deep sapphire.

Taken in hand, perfect
butterflies of purity, strung
to final grace by vacant
bodies, the perfection of a

Purple sky,
And so sits the
maiden, crowned in fallen

By A.


The paper smells lightly,
Old motes of dust cascade from the heavens,
Clothe the age of innocence in a layer of
To breathe the carpet; taste, tongue,
Like crumbling chalk.
The talcum powder dries the mouth with the
sweet flavour of the tomb,
Reconstituted fruit of the dessicated womb.

Soft cloth, hung uncovered to
this careless revolution. Prone, unwashable.
Sentenced forever to the greying, fading
The attic window, Oh! Forlorn!
For escaping in the starlight
Through my window
In my eyesight
Disregarded, disillusioned, in the soft night
Of the attic.
In escaping, once experience beset the innocent
Can there be a return?
In dissolving from the clouds, asks the
Desecrated moon.

By A.


Don't worry.

When all the doors are closed,
And I run franticly round
In circles;
I am too tired,
Too weak to open any.

And the corridor is hot, and
Still and choking.
I place the twenty-first Tarot card
Above the fool,
Upside down.

Only amphibians and parasites
Can grow in stagnant ponds.
I will come back.
I'll bring fresh water and a key,
But now I need some air
To breathe.
I'll come back soon
To let you out. When I'm me again.
I promise.

By A.


What do I want? Where do I go?
I see the road go past my window
When I close my eyes.
Harvest fields, golden skies

My life runs past apart from me
Not locked in here, but travels free.
Others pass him once or twice,
Simple maidens know no vice.

The sky grows black, and all too soon
I'm crying to the hidden moon.
So in the clouded night I wait
While thunderstorms growl out my fate.

And as the golden people pass
I remain hiding in the grass,
Clutching to my chains for fear...
Now I'm getting out of here.

By A.


I think I see the Autumn man;
The wind is in his stride.
He walks forever, 'cause he can
With all he needs inside.

By A.

(this sounds like lesbian shit but it's not)

I wrote her a poem
Of the sea and the Sun,
And the wind on a cold desert dune.
I brought her to Earth
For I loved her as none;
The Lady from the Moon.

I sung her a song
From the depths of my heart
To salute and seduce her with tune,
But she looked at the Earth
And she tore it apart;
The Lady from the Moon.

I cried as I watched her
Deadly embrace
Of a world which would crack all too soon.
I knew she must die
For she knew only wrong,
The Lady from the Moon.

I kissed her good-bye
As I gave up the night
And she melted away at high noon,
For the Earth fears the darkness
And hides in the light
From the Lady and the Moon.

By A.


All night I wait and dream and think
And wish that I could cry
The UV light of sunrise brings
A yellow butterfly

I've never seen the fields at dawn
A softer shade of ice
The leaves lay down their tears of dew
To scent the earth with spice

To fight or wait, the question seems,
To cast my potent spell;
I wish I knew a better way,
To lift my soul from Hell.

Perhaps someday I'll have the words
Somehow I'll fit the scene
I can't create; my thoughts are numb
My soul is caught between

Why haunt my heart, then leave me cold
Just when I need you near?
Perhaps it's you, as well as me
Whose world is ruled by fear...

So come to me, unwrap this heart
I keep bound tight with wire
The perfect fit? Oh, Air and Earth
Embrace my Ice and Fire.

By A.


©Copyright Richard Reece + A. 1997-2011