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Tantra: Kama Sutra (The Love Teachings of Kama Sutra)
Oscar Wilde
The Ever Continuing Grunge

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A's Wonderful and Dark

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Soldier Boy
The Land Between
The Judge's Judge
The Tender Touch
For a Special Friend

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Soldier Boy
Soldier Boy, gun in his hand,
Running through a storm of hot lead,
Screaming his rage to all to hear,
With Death at his heals,
And Madness in his ear.

Soldier Boy, running blindly,
Across an open field,
Charred and Deep,
With holes so black,
And wet.

Soldier Boy, Lungs burning,
Smoke churning, heart yearning,
To run back to sanity,
Knowing, knowing,
That he can't.

Soldier Boy, taking his last step,
Falls to the ground as the pain,
Reaches forth,
And draws a scream,
A scream like no other.

Soldier Boy, as he lies there,
In complete numbness to reality,
Looks up in deafness,
To his surrounds,
As the rain falls, washing…

Soldier Boy, thoughts of home,
Of life, flashing thru his mind,
As the darkness comes,
Slower and slower,
To the End.

Soldier Boy, Mother and Father
Tears of your leaving,
Tears from the deepness of misery,
The hole that is there
Where you rest……

Soldier Boy……


The Land Between
The land between us,
So very wide and great.
But our luv still burns.
With a great fire that not
Even the Purest Water
Can put out.

I long for your sight,
The touch of your hand on mine,
The passion in your emerald eyes,
The warmth of your flesh on mine,
The passion in your voice,
As you laugh your sweet laugh.

The heaven of your presence,
I've grown accustomed to your
The screams of Passion Wants
Burn in my belly
Like a great fire that not
Even the Purest Water
Can put out.

But I sit here,
In the dark,
Thinking of you,
And you alone.
With my wants and urges,
To be close to you
And your heart

But the dark yields no answers,
Does not give up secrets,
To my problems of Life
And Love.
But what can I do,
As I sit here,
Dreaming of the Day we meet.

But until then, the Land Between us
Lies long and far and wide.
A huge labyrinth, a maze, a puzzle
With no ending and no start.
And I scream at the dark,
But it doesn't answer my Taunts.

As I sit here in the Dark,


The Judge's Judge
We are judged everyday
By our actions
Our speech
We think nobody can or should
Judge us.

But you are wrong
We are placed in front of a jury
Of our peers
Over four billion

And we stand before them
With little shreds
Of hope
That someday we'll be judged

But we are judged
By the rumours, the talk
That emanates from the judges
Who have nothing better to do
But judge on envy and hate.

But you are also the judge
Of judges
As right and as wrong as they
With the lash of your gavel
You pronounce sentence.


The Tender Touch
I gazed upon your eyes
Oh so beautiful
With the life and love
That I've come to know and share.

I take hold of your hand
Oh so soft
For this hand I will hold
Forever and ever.

With my finger I touch
Touch your hand
And stoke the milky flesh
And gaze into your eyes.

In thy eyes,
The depth of love hold no boundaries
Overflowing into my heart
As you smile.

The sides of your mouth crinkle
With that devilish smile
Of a joke shared with no one
And a thousand laughs echo.

In this dark room
Not a sound eminates
But our breathing
Deep and shallow.

I smile back
With a wicked twinkle
In my eyes
As I touch you more.

And as we lay down on the bed,
You're hair falls onto you face
As I kiss your sweet lips
Soft... ever so soft.

I whisper soft I love you's
In your ear
As you moan and giggle
And we lift each other to heaven.

And as I make love to you
In that darkened room,
The world is just us
You and I, no one else.


This was written for a very special 'Net friend

Into my life
Has entered a girl
From another world
Full of Caring and Love

In her hands, She holds my Heart so tenderly
But She is too far , too far
For me to reach out and Touch Her
To Love Her, to Kiss Her

I hold the Hope that one day I will travel that Distance
To See Her, To Hold Her, To Caress Her, To Love Her
In Every Way


©Copyright Richard Reece 1997-2011