Deamons of My Life

Through the mists of Skulln's swamps, darkness and fog are the only things that can be seen, sounds of far off creatures can be heard.

The path through the swamp is narrow one, tread carefully, you wouldn't wan to slip. But up ahead, light appears. As you head closer towards the light it gets strong.

There a people there... or what looks like people... you're not quite sure, but there IS something.

Empress Nickie the Divine
Empress Nickie the Divine

A ruler of a distant land, we met on the fields of this virtual plane later in the last year. We chat from time to time... but distance hampers our closeness for we will always be apart in our own realities of life.

This friendship that burns is one of mutual understanding and trust and will never die. We are one with the universe and life goes on... That is how it will be.... *sniff*... hehehehe.....

But alas... things do not last. Like the silver that is not polished... turns a horrible and dark colour

Lord Oddball the Non-Existant

This ruler of a non-existent world worships liquid sustenance, one dark liquid in a red bottle and another clear liquid in a blue bottle... 8o)

His world is a lovely world, created by him to show the importance of nothingness... his world is a definite visit.

Just plain ole Andi- (with a dash)
Just plain ole Andi- (with a dash)

Finally!!! His webpage is up and running... This poetic daemon has helped me in the creation of many worlds and is a good friend, along with Lord Oddball.